Re: Olympia combat

Steve Chapin (sjc@cs.purdue.EDU)
18 May 92 06:20:58 GMT

}} In article <> (Scott "TCB" Turner) writes:
}} (Steve Chapin) writes:
}} >Put all the players in Olympia together, and I bet that just about
}} >anywhere someone gets killed, with horses, ships, boats, and magical
}} >communication, Rocko, sitting in his cave in Tollus, would hear about
}} >it within a month.
}} >
}} >Therefore, I propose, as an approximation, that we delay obits for one
}} >month.
}} Oh, right. A totally accurate rumor of a minor death halfway around
}} the world is going to reach Rocko in a month.

Remember, we are talking about "notable" units, not mere peasants. If
a world-wide hero is tortured to death, it's more news (to other
world-wide heroes) than the local butcher keeling over from a heart
attack. The accuracy part I can understand.

Attempt #2:

Each month, all unannounced deaths have a %age chance of being
announced (not cumulative), say 50%. So, each month about 1/2 the new
deaths will be announced, and 1/2 the old ones.

}} Now, a mechanism in which obits for neighboring provinces showed up in
}} each province the following turn, along with other notable events, and
}} filled with misinformation and garble, would be pretty interesting.
}} Rumors:
}} John Garth [1301] killed in Pesbrand by Gang of Thugs [1574].
}} Felix [1887] is carrying a large amount of money.
}} Maxwell [1945] has reached Stealth 6. Watch your pockets!
}} Turbo Titans [1776] is headed for Caburh.

Interesting. Perhaps we should put it on the <cha-ching!> Todo list :-)
Let's view Obits as our first pass at rumors, and we can add more
later. Steve Chapin Today's Grammar Lesson:
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