Re: Olympia workers and Earning Power

Steve Chapin (sjc@cs.purdue.EDU)
20 Apr 92 04:27:30 GMT

}} In article <> (ryerson.schwark) writes:
}} In many traditional PBM games, it takes a little effort to discover who
}} is in town, and where people are.

There are two olympian skills that determine how much one sees:
Stealth and Observation (they work at cross purposes). Rich: how
about making the rule that observation must be > stealth in order to
see someone? People could still use the EXPLORE order to check out a
province, and it could give them a temporary observation boost while
looking. Just an idea...

}} In addition, how are they to know who
}} are player characters and who aren't? All it would take is a few old
}} war veterans to stomp random violent people and cool their ardor.

Not in Olympia. There was a sainted Sheriff, who shall remain
nameless, but the ingratious populace drove him out of town for
stomping on lawbreakers.

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