Re: Olympia workers and Earning Power

Scott (
20 Apr 92 19:48:58 GMT

(Rich Skrenta) writes:
>You can't recruit into a PC; if your PC dies, you're out of the game;
>and your faction is identified by your PC number.

I think this is one of the weakest points of Olympia, but this may
reflect my personal bias.

It seems that most people are interested in building units, trading,
setting up little empires, either economic or military. In that
respect, having a "distinguished" player unit is an anomaly. Why
should a trading empire fall apart if the boss dies? His heir takes
over, maybe a few of the less loyal units go their own ways, but it
shouldn't all just collapse. And the player should get to keep playing
what he's built up so far.

Now, if you look at Olympia more from the viewpoint of a computer
fantasy role-playing campaign, then players make more sense. But in
that case I'd argue that forming and recruiting units is way too easy.
You should not be able to "hire" followers - or at least not cheaply.
You should have to earn followers - by exploring a lot of places
("Excuse me sir, I understand you've been all the way to East Bangkok.
I'd love to travel with you..."), being rich, having made a name by
killing a monster, etc.

-- Scott T.