Olympia playtest

Rich Skrenta (skrenta@blekko.rt.com)
15 Nov 91 15:36:12 GMT

Olympia is a computer moderated fantasy simulation which needs
some playtesters. It will be run as a PBEM with a fast, erratic
turnaround at first. This implies that you should have snappy
email access so you can get your turns in on time. Turns may run
as quickly as once per night or as seldom as weekly. The game
may end suddenly if I decide substantial revisions to the code
are necessary.

You begin in control of one character who may study, explore, fight,
acquire subordinates, build things, use magic, etc. The setting is
a low technology fantasy world.

The game will be horrible, full of bugs, and no fun
to play at first. There is little documentation.
Most commands don't work. I will change the database
between turns so that all of your commands will fail.
If this bothers you then wait for playtesters with
stronger stomachs to find the bugs before you.

You Have Been Warned!

If you would like to help playtest Olympia, send mail to


and I will send you registration materials.

Rich Skrenta