Re: IN-AOO battle double-prime

Greg Lindahl (
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 13:23:34 -0400

On Oct 25, 10:11, Tim Whalen wrote:

> At any rate, what is most important to me is that I understand how things
> work. Any variation of the damage systems as described or as implemented is
> fine with me so long as I know which one it is. Or just tell me how many
> catapults to bring next time. ;>)

I'd agree with this ;-) The results of this _particular_ battle were not
drastically changed by the difference between the rules and the
program; had the IN brought 15 catapults, the difference would have
been large: instead of (rules version) knocking down the defensive
bonus to zero in one round, the (actual program) bonus would have
whittled away over several rounds, and the outcome of the battle would
probably have changed.

Personally, the version in the rules appeals to me more, because you
can capture a castle without destroying it first. But does it make it
too easy to take a castle? I'll have to think about that; what's the
cost of 15 catapults?

> We also need to think about what the
> castle status should be after a battle. I propose that castle defense
> be allowed to vary between 0 and 40 and RAZE/REPAIR adjusted so that they
> affect defense rather than damage when the damage is at 0% and vice
> versa.

This is an easy overloading of existing commands, and looks good.

-- g

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