Re: Poor starting newbies

Greg Lindahl (
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 12:44:15 -0400

On Oct 22, 19:15, Bill Viggers wrote:

> Say for every olympian year that has gone by, new players
> start with an additional 5 wood and 250 gold.

The whole point of doubling wood is that a newbie would have enough
wood to build a galley. It's not that hard right now to find 1 friend
and build a joint galley, but not that many folks are doing it, so
let's make it even easier.

> In order
> to avoid crys of unfairness from existing players at the
> end of each year, increase their claim piles by the same
> amount.

We shouldn't pander to crybabies. If we take that kind of attitude,
Rich will never make any change.

However, the tie-in with eliminating the 25 gold Times payment is
nice. I think that the Times payment should definately go.

> Someone else suggested being able to get your free build of a
> ship rather than a tower.

This more-or-less subverts the reason behind the free tower. It's
fairly trivial to build a ship if you have a city that teaches the
skills and enough wood and peasants. You can't build a tower without

-- g

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