Re: Crowded, crowded Provinia
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 21:23:58 -0400 (EDT)

Rich Skrenta wrote:
> The only problem I see is that opening a newbie center in the
> backyard of a former wilderness area which a long expedition by
> players who started on turn 1 had just arrived at might not be fair.

First off, what guarantee was there given to players that the frontier
would not be inhabited by humans?

However, as a possible solution, why not create a new start city so
far away, it would take game years to cross paths. It would mean a
whole lot of map work though.

Alternatively, what ever happened to ferries? Has anyone done any
yet? Give newbies a "free pass" to ride a ferry. Or a few free
passes for that matter. You can either have NPC ferries run from
IC to Atnos or other Provinian cities, or solicit players to extablish
some, for pay. They can remit these free passes back for gold. If ever
there was a need for a ferry service, IC is the place to get away from!


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