Controlled Units

Goodman, Steven (
Fri, 21 Oct 94 14:06

Hello All,

Before we get too far on making controlled Units be Nobles, maybe we
should look at things a bit more. (Otherwise I start asking for Collect,
and Study, etc...)

What do we really want Controlled Units to be able to do? As a design
concept? Ignoring the fact that some players may already have Controlled

Currently, can't a Controlled Unit GIVE away all its "troops"? Seems
wrong to me. (Ignoring advantages of the various Controlled Units)
There seems no reason to leave the "orcs" with the "Top", but instead
transfer them out. Or replace them with peasants (or whatever). Do the
men in the possession of a Controlled Unit "Top" need to be paid for? If
not, give your army to the Controlled Unit "Top" on day 30, then get them
all back on day 1.

I'm sure I can think of more issues/problems, assuming I ever have any
controlled units to play with...

Steven Goodman

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