Greg Lindahl (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 15:27:09 -0400

> My feeling is that there is some cooperation going on in Olympus.
> Much of the cooperation is outside of the game -- exchange of
> information, etc., and most seems to be between alliance members. I
> think there would be more cooperation if players could make
> enforceable deals -- I know I would be more open to working with
> people outside my alliance if that was the case.

Ergo, I think it's a 'feature' with how you (and your allies) play the
game. I believe that Olympia is going to last a long time, and I
believe that Olympia has a lot of room, far more than I can personally
occupy. So this leads me to develop long-term alliances by repeated
small cooperation. I've even had people give me things (in the game)
for free as a first transaction, because it builds trust and

None of this took any unusual game mechanics. And I have some degree
of enforcement because I have a bunch of folks involved, and no one
wants a reputation for screwing their allies.

This is the same situation I had in Oly I, in BSE (which is/was a huge
commercial space exploration game), in Atlantis, and so on.

-- g

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