Re: Player Interaction

Patrick McLaughlin (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 10:01:18 -700 (PDT)

I think that something of the sort wuold be useful.

On Fri, 21 Oct 1994,
Scott Turner wrote:

> I've been thinking some more on the problem of player interaction in
> Olympia. I'm of the opinion that Olympia doesn't provide the
> appropriate mechanics to encourage people to cooperate with one
> another. Since the only way to "enforce" an agreement in Olympia is
> through the combat system, and the combat system makes it difficult to
> do this, there's little player interaction. It has occurred to me
> that perhaps the game itself could provide enforced agreements between
> players.
> The idea is that when 2 or more players want to cooperate, they each
> enter a command that looks something like this:
> UNIT a0f
> STACK g1e
> UNIT g1e
> ATTACK bz9
> GIVE g1e 1 200
> The game checks to see if each unit involved in the ENFORCE has
> entered exactly the same set of commands. If so, then those commands
> are executed. So if both [a0f] and [g1e] enter the ENFORCE as given
> above, a0f will stack with g1e, they'll both attack bz9, and then g1e
> will pay off a0f. If the ENFORCE is not the same, then the whole
> thing fails in zero time.
> Do people think this would be a useful mechanism?
> -- Scott T.

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