Re: Crowded, crowded Provinia

Thomas Hudson (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 12:16:52 -0400 (EDT)

> I'm not surprised. Obviously competition with other players for
> resources is a major limiting factor in faction growth.
> However, recall that something like 165 factions started in the IC on
> turn 1. Provinia has been "crowded" since the beginning of time. Why
> should new players today get a benefit that the original players
> didn't receive? Now, if new factions were being preyed upon by
> established factions in the IC area there might be a reason to start
> an alternate city, but I don't believe that is happening.
> Maybe a reasonable solution would be to consider all the cities within
> 2 month's travel of the IC to be potential start cities. (Call that 8
> provinces or so.) Allow new factions to choose whether they want to
> start in the IC safe haven or in a randomly chosen city within that
> area. That would give new players a choice of some geographical
> spread without dropping them in some distant, valuable area of the
> map.

In the current case, though, aren't most of those cities the
center of the Aooine war?

Looking around, though, life in Provinia is turning into much more of
a team game than I expected. Without my allies I'd probably be dead.


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