Re: "Black Press"

Joao Geada (
Thu, 13 Oct 94 15:32:24 -0400

> Let me argue again for dropping the gold credit.
> I know it is meant to encourage participation in the Times, but all it
> encourages are worthless "journal entries" and the like. I'd rather
> see a Times with less of that sort of participation, and I've heard
> many others express the same opinion. If you want, give everyone 25
> gold credit a turn, but don't make it a bounty on a Times submission.
> If you want to be really cool, implement some kind of polling system
> that rewards articles that people really like. That can be abused by
> having your friends/allies vote for you, but it might still be a neat
> feature.
> And it might be easier if you drop the 25 gold into the faction's
> CLAIM pile, rather than have to do with specifying a particular unit.
> -- Scott T.

I like this suggestion.
There is far too much drivel in the Times (my own included) and it is
mainly motivated by the 25gold incentive.
Why not just plain drop the payment ?
I don't even like the idea of polling popularity of articles to produce a
reward, since this primarily benefits members of large alliances.

Or, come to think about it: how about paying ONLY for authenticated press
items. Rumors are published for no reward and in a separate section of the
times (or maybe even in a totally separate publication, since some people
pay for the amount of email they get)


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