Re: "Black Press"

Scott Turner (
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 11:57:07 -0700

>So here's a plan: I make two new commands: RUMOR and PRESS.
>They work like MESSAGE/POST, except their text appears in the Times.
>Press entries are signed, rumors are not. Either one is good for the
>25 gold credit.

Let me argue again for dropping the gold credit.

I know it is meant to encourage participation in the Times, but all it
encourages are worthless "journal entries" and the like. I'd rather
see a Times with less of that sort of participation, and I've heard
many others express the same opinion. If you want, give everyone 25
gold credit a turn, but don't make it a bounty on a Times submission.

If you want to be really cool, implement some kind of polling system
that rewards articles that people really like. That can be abused by
having your friends/allies vote for you, but it might still be a neat

And it might be easier if you drop the 25 gold into the faction's
CLAIM pile, rather than have to do with specifying a particular unit.

-- Scott T.

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