Re: auto-attack while moving

Ben Swain (
Thu, 13 Oct 94 13:11:46 EDT

Rich Skrenta writes:
> Someone has pointed out that auto-attack works for a stack even if
> that stack is engaged in movement out of a province. This doesn't
> seem quite right, so I plan to correct this problem (inhibit auto-attack
> while a stack is moving) unless someone makes a persuasive case for why
> it should remain unchanged.

I have to address this; if only out of self-interest. :-)

Being an extensive user of 'hostile' orders against enemy nobles; and
employing a "declare hostile/sweep the area/hope you auto-attack"
tactic (as well as using it to prevent prisoner escapes,) I'd prefer
to see this "corrected" by re-starting the move count for the
initiator of the attack. This issue doesn't seem all that different
from the one about attacking units that have already started
movement from a province. In that instance it was pointed out that
it was allowed, because not allowing it made constantly moving units
invulnerable to attack.

This, like so many "design issues" I've seen talked about, is a
2-edged sword. I'll continue to argue against changes (or for
moderation in changes) until such time as the code functions as Rich
sets forth in the rules. I'd much prefer to see the "vision" of how
Oly II is supposed to work accomplished, before anything other than
bug fixes are implemented.

OK everybody; tear me into itty-bitty pieces. :-)


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