Vote Yes on Issue One

Erik Ker (
Mon, 10 Oct 1994 13:50:03 -0500


I like your idea listed in the Times regarding increasing
the cost of nobles at time the number of nobles in a give
faction increases. But I still think that that gives long
established factions a hold on the game.

Perhaps there could be a not so random encounter every
turn. 1 for every 100 or so nobles in the game. It should
be directed specificly at nobles. Perhaps factions with
10 or fewer nobles would be exempt to spare the new

The noble might suffer from a sleep spell that last three
game months unless healed by a mage, or blessed by
priest. Or perhaps, he wondered alone into a cave and
meets.... Perhaps an item is stolen by a NPC...

There should be a fair amount of risk, but nothing
automatically deadly. The rewards should be small
by comparasion.

The chance of a given noble is effected is then
1 in a 100 or so. Obviously, a faction with 25 nobles
is likely to face one such encounter every four game
months or so, while the faction with 11 nobles would
only have an encounter once every ten or so game months.

My two cents worth.

Fare Well!

Erik Ker
5430 Sinclair Rd; Columbus, OH 43229-5003

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