get-give and Roads

Bill Viggers (
Mon, 10 Oct 94 11:26:15 NZD

Rick writes:

>But if you are hell bent on fixing it, just get rid of give. Get should
>work in all but a few cases. In fact, now that I think about it, when
>is give required and a get won't do?

Well, the rules state:
Characters may GET items from other units in their faction, or from
garrisons which they control. GET may not be used to take items from
another faction's units; the other faction's units must issue GIVE orders.

Thus if you get rid of GIVE the only way to transfer good between factions
will be to sell/buy them at a city.


I've only just joined this list, so if this has already been mentioned then I'm sorry. One thing I think would be good to add is roads. Roads would decrease land based travel times and cost stone to create. They could be built with a new construction sub-skill. Great empires build roads, so why not add them?

Build Road [9999] ----------------- Usage: use 9999 direction [days] Time: as given or necessary Requires: at least three workers [11] and a quantity of stone [78]

Roads may be built between ajacent provinces. The presence of a road not only leads to quicker travel between the provinces, but also the exchange of culture and ideas. A road connecting two provinces with differing levels of civilisation will raise the _lower_ provinces civilisation level by 1.

When travelling on a road, whether by riding or walking, the time taken to reach your destination is reduced by one day. In Swamps a road is even better, allowing one to ride at the same pace as a walker.

The time and stone required to build a road varies depending on the terrain. Use the more expensive of the two provinces to be joined when calculating costs.

Terrain: Stone Worker-days Swamp 140 2750 Mountains 100 1000 Forest/Desert 80 550 Plains 70 350


How did I get the times and stone? Well, the stone goes for 10 stone per days travel (swamp travel times being for riding rather than walking), and the worker days is the cube of the number of days travel time rounded up to the next 50. Costs should be paid for the more expesive of the two provinces being joined (although I guess, it should be more expencive to join two swamps, so maybe a combination of the two travel times should be used). This would give times like:

Terrain: Stone Worker-days Swamp 70 1400 Mountains 50 500 Forest/Desert 40 300 Plains 35 200

And you add together the costs for either end of the link.

Oh well, any comments?


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