Re: Two long-term problems

Jay Gischer (
Fri, 30 Sep 94 09:31:48 -0700

Brent R. Johnson writes:
> Mark ( writes:
> > Make resurrection cost a Noble Point. Or, if the noble has died several
> > times, one NP per death. (ie: The second time a noble dies, it takes 2
> > NP's to reserect him.)
> Ack! No, no, no! This exacerbates the problem I was complaining about
> earlier, in which someone who has invested all their NPs in just a few
> characters is discriminated against by the current system.

One of the things I like about Olympia's noble points is that there is
are strategic choices to be made about how your NPs are spent, and
neither of them seems to me to be obviously superior. It depends on
what you want to do in the game. So I take issue with the notion that
the "vertical" strategy is discriminated against.

> Not being able to recoup NPs would simply encourage players to quit the
> game, either permanently discouraged, or possibly restarting as the only
> effective way to get lots of NPs.

I really have no problem with people restarting with their base NPs,
provided they didn't give all the ones from their previous life
away...With SWEAR gone, this is less of a problem.


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