Re: Two long-term problems

Morton M. Charnley (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 18:21:06 -0400

>> Now there's an idea. Require TERRORIZE/BRIBE/whatever to pay for
>> the new noble with whatever number of NP's a FORM would cost.
>> The noble comes over as contract or fear loyalty, and the new
>> owner can build from there.
>You might as well just delete the commands, in my opinion. I thought
>you wanted people to use them. No one is going to spend their time
>trying to bribe people, if all they get is a noble with a few skills
>(all the nobles with great skills will be oathed anyway) and it costs
>one as much as forming one's own nobles.

I disagree. Consider, what happens if you bribe a noble that is defending
a structure and has oh say, 5 workers, 10 peasants, 5 soldiers, 3 xbowmen,
and 6 wolves stacked with him. Do they evaporate? Do they become free for
hire? Do they come with the noble? It's got to be one of those things
since they can't exist otherwise under the current rules as I understand
The potential to get much more than just a meager skilled contract noble
out of the deal is there even if the benefit is in denial to an enemy
rather than gain to oneself.

>I think it's too late to do much more than you have done so far. I
>think removing SWEAR will take away the worst of the abuses.
> David desJardins

Chip Charnley
 My opinions are my own and do not represent anyone but myself.

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