Two long-term problems

David desJardins (
Thu, 29 Sep 94 10:43:46 EDT

> Now there's an idea. Require TERRORIZE/BRIBE/whatever to pay for
> the new noble with whatever number of NP's a FORM would cost.
> The noble comes over as contract or fear loyalty, and the new
> owner can build from there.

You might as well just delete the commands, in my opinion. I thought
you wanted people to use them. No one is going to spend their time
trying to bribe people, if all they get is a noble with a few skills
(all the nobles with great skills will be oathed anyway) and it costs
one as much as forming one's own nobles.

I think it's too late to do much more than you have done so far. I
think removing SWEAR will take away the worst of the abuses.

David desJardins

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