RE: Two long-term problems

Ed Bailey (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 19:12:59 -0500

Ross Inglis writes:
> How about an even simplier solution that doesn't involve capping. Only allow
> buildings to add to the civ level if they are occupied. This would limit civ
> levels to the density of nobles in the area. After all, a province full of
> empty towers is not civilised, its a ghost town :-)

This is a brilliant suggestion!

I have one question.... What does it mean for a building to be "occupied"?

Checking at a specific time (say at the end of Day 30 or the beginning of
Day 1) to see if there is a noble inside seems a bit arbitrary.

Asking if a noble has been there at any time would let a single noble scurry
back and forth all month long, visiting about 20 different structures in the

OTOH, forcing a noble to spend an entire month inside seems too harsh.

Perhaps Rich could award 1/30 of the civ value at the end of each day for each
occupied structure.

Ed Bailey

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