RE: Two long-term problems
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 18:18:17 +0100

> Regarding uncapped civ levels, the simplest solution would be to henceforth
> limit construction to one type of building per province, with the exception
> of towers, which could have a maximum of six. This would have no effect
> on construction already begun or completed.

> An alternative is to simply cap civ levels at a maximum of 16 or 32.

How about an even simplier solution that doesn't involve capping. Only allow
buildings to add to the civ level if they are occupied. This would limit civ
levels to the density of nobles in the area. After all, a province full of
empty towers is not civilised, its a ghost town :-)

I kinda of like the idea of an extremely high civ level area. It gives people
something to fight over :-)


Ross Inglis ! Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, ! I do not speak for my employer.

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