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Tue, 27 Sep 1994 21:00:47 -0400 (EDT)

On the matter of combat, and how to deal with the diminishing return
of numbers, consider this:

Side A:
Noble with 10 soldiers

Side B:
Noble with 10 pikemen

Chance to attack is

Side A Attack 80 + (10 * 5) = 130
----------------------------- or -------------------- or 50%
Side A Attack + Side B Attack 130 + 130 = 260

Side A
1 peasant
1 dragon

Side B
Noble with 100 peasants

--- = a 74% chance of a chance for side A to attack.

And with each kill the dragon side makes, it gets an ever increasing
kill rate.

Another idea, a little more radical perhaps, is the then, once a side
has been chosen, then use the same combat weighting to choose an attacker.
Howeve I personally do not like this. This is where the numbers should
come in an influence the battle. Side B will be hindered, as is the
case now anyway, in terms or attack quality.

Numbers will still be important of course, but the weight would be on
value, not quantity. Can someone model this concept?

Rick Socia

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