Re: The long-term

John Morrow (
Tue, 27 Sep 94 16:06:49 EDT

>At least for the successful serious empire builder, 50+ NP depending on
>swearings and such, 40 castles, 300+ garrisoned provinces. When other
>empires give over nobles as they are leaving for whatever reason, I am
>willing to bet that there will be players with 100+ NP, even 200+.

I think the incident on Mt. Olympus shows that any "serious empire
builder" is going to have a rough time of it. Any player or alliance
that starts a major land grab is going to find enemies everywhere as
people try to slap them down. I'm sure Scott Turner can attest to
this, as well... :-)

In short, don't count on empire building being easy...

>That game will be Risk, a few really big stacks waiting for the right
>alignment of stars and alliances to unleash devestation.

Let us also not forget the PERSUADE that took place in Oly I that
turned a gigantic stack against its owner. Unless they are ALL
OATH-2 nobles, there are going to other forms of vulnerability.
I also suspect there will some sort of "Assassinate" skill under
Steath if needed...

>Of course, do you think that the game will hold interest and uniqueness to
>run that long?

Sure. Even with the world divided into "Superpowers", there is a lot
of interesting stuff that goes on in the land in between...

John Morrow

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