Re: Diagonal Movement

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27 Sep 1994 09:59:16 U

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RE: (Hexes would be an even better way
to do that, with less weirdness, of course.)

You know, offset squares work really well, too. They might be easier to
program than hexes, too. (Offset so that the boundary line in row n+1 is at
the middle of row n. Used in Zocchi's (sp?) Battle of Britain game, if you
ever saw it.)
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Subject: Diagonal Movement

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> Diagonal movement makes sense. It's more intuitive. If you want to reduce
> travel speed, there are other ways to do that.

I'm somewhat agnostic on diagonal movement---I'm not strongly opposed to
it, although I think it clearly can't be retrofitted to the existing
game---but I definitely disagree that it makes sense or is more
intuitive. It is much less intuitive in that, for example, two units
can cross paths without ever passing through the same location. The
*only* thing that it gains is that game distance is more closely
proportional to Euclidean distance. (Hexes would be an even better way
to do that, with less weirdness, of course.)

David desJardins

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