Re: Diagonal Movement

Brent R. Johnson (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 11:10:10 -0400

> Assume the following map grid:
> A B
> -------
> 1 | | a|
> |--|--|
> 2 | b| |
> -------
> Unit [a] is in location 1B.
> Unit [b] is in location 2A.
> Unit [a] wants to travel to location 1B by the most direct route.
> Unit [b] wants to travel to location 2A by the most direct route.
> Intuition suggests that, under most circumstance, they should pass each other.
> Our real life experiences reinforce this. However, given the current movement
> rules in Olympia, unit [a] could move West then South, while unit [b] moves East
> then North -- thus exchanging places yet not encountering each other.

Actually, this does not match my intuition or real life experience.
It is seldom possible in real life to go from point A to point B in
a straight line. At the scale of a province there are simply too
many things in the way. Trees, buildings, hills, rocks, streams, etc.

And (again at the scale of the province) with so many meandering paths
between two points, it seems unlikely to me that travellers _would_
actually encounter each other.

<< Brent

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