Re: Diagonal was Re: Time beats phases-and-points
Tue, 27 Sep 94 10:21:39 -0400

>> But, for the icing on the cake: DON'T allow diagonal movement between
>> land/ocean or port city/ocean. I think this can be easily justified,
>> and will get rid of the infamous "coastal crawl".
>Get rid of coastal crawl? First Rich has designed some very wierd
>geography to inhibit people from doing this, but otherwise, most sea
>travel during this time was coastal. Many ships would be lost if they
>left sight of the coast. I think the current acceleration by moving
>on/off the coast is a very good simulation of navel travel, not that it
>should take less time, but that it encourages coastal travel.

I too really like the diversity that coastal travel offers. It means
that if you know the terrain you are travelling through, it is possible to
get there far faster than simply heading mindlessly in a straight line. It
also adds a touch of nonhomogeneity to the map, providing preferred routes
of travel and areas which are almost always missed. This provides great
opportunities for those who wish to avoid the beaten path, or to attack
those who take the beaten path.

As for diagonal movement, it is a good idea to consider for the next game
of Olympia, but I think it would cause far to many difficulties to retrofit
it to the current game.

-- Harold

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