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Morton M. Charnley (ac217@detroit.freenet.org)
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 20:25:30 -0400

Just a few misc ideas/thoughts I've had that *I* think might spice things up
and, for the most part, I don't think would cause any problems with OLY as
it currently stands (ie we don't havee to wait until game 2 to get them).

1) Allow ruins to be rebuilt in to castles. Takes a sub-skill of construction
called restoration. Takes a little more manpower than building a castle but
a lot less stone.

2) Allow ruins to be 'quarried' for stone. Takes a sub-skill of construction
called 'demolition'?

3) Allow xx% of lairs to be converted in to towers with construction skill.
This is based on the assumption that most creatures (particularly things
like mintaurs, chimera, etc.) are going to pick places that are hidden and
defensible in the first place. This would take more manpower and less stone
than a true tower.

4) This is a little more complex and maybe not as easily implemented but I
would like to see the ability to add on to towers and castles improving the
defensibility of them (and eventually turning towers in to castles). Things
such as moats, expanded walls, crenulated battlements, etc. come to mind.
These things would require additional skills to build/add.

5) I would like to see the ability to build a new CITY. This would obviously
take time. It should probably center around a castle. Reequire a certain amount
of peasantry to be added to the area (turn workers and recruited peasants back
in to the surrounding countryside after a castle (of certain size?) is built?
This one is definitely a long term thing and should probably take 2-4 game
years to accomplish.

OK, there you go. Tear them all apart and put them back together in a way that
I won't be able to recognise! :`)

Chip Charnley

Chip Charnley
 My opinions are my own and do not represent anyone but myself.

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