Re: surrender/accept order

Ed Bailey (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 09:54:33 -0500

Rich writes:
> Someone has asked for a surrender/accept pair. This seems harmless
> enough, and potentially useful. Any comments?

I think it's a good and reasonable idea. But I do have some questions....

The priority situation needs to be addressed, so that this doesn't get
messed up because people are stacked incorrectly. [I.e. A is before B in the
location list and surrenders to B. The order fails because B's "accept" hasn't
been executed yet. This is bad.] Basically, if people want to issue things
like "accept xxx ; attack xxx", then you should be sure that it always works
if xxx actually surrenders.

If A is in a castle and surrenders to B, does A stack with B in the province,
or would B enter the castle and stack with A? Could a castle owner (or his
faction?) issue "SURRENDER castle-id victor" and surrender the building, but
not the people inside?

Should the victor get all the surrenderee's loot, or should the victor merely
be allowed to TAKE things?

Also, what (if any?) commands can a "surrendered" character perform?
Does a surrendered character become part of the new faction or is it just
another hostage? Does a surrendered character attempt to escape? Is there
a RELEASE command? I.e. how would this order differ from SWEAR and from
a noble captured in combat?

Ed Bailey

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