meek interjection

Brent R. Johnson (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 15:57:46 -0400

Um, I've got no objections at all to expanding the combat skills
to include various tactical maneuvers, etc., etc.

However, I think someone ought to point out (uh, that's me, I guess)
that not everyone wants to play Olympia like a wargame. I for one
would be perfectly delighted if I never got involved in combat with
another faction.

If the game becomes nothing but an extended opportunity for players
to conduct tactical experiments on each other (and I'm afraid that
would happen if the combat simulation got expanded into this level
of detail without a similar level of detail being provided for other
areas of the game, such as exploration, trade, and research), then
I will sadly be forced away.

I'd like an adjustable 'break' option in combat too, and/or something
that would enable me to flee from confrontations before getting too
seriously hurt.

Or how about a "hold up" option, where instead of immediately
being attacked, the defender is given the opportunity to pay a ransom.

I _really_ don't like the idea that I could be wandering around the
wilderness, with guards along for protection from wandering beasties,
and I could be attacked just so the aggressor can obtain possession
of my guards. Why can't I inspire loyalty? How come the aggressor
can trust the guards after that? I don't think the winner of a battle
should get _any_ of the fighters from the loser.

<< Brent

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