Re: Pathological combat examples

Carl Edman (cedman@cedman.remote.Princeton.EDU)
Thu, 22 Sep 94 18:08:51 -0400

Dr Pain writes:
> Here's a case in the current system where adding a unit to a stack
> reduces its effectiveness:
> 1 dragon vs. 5 lions: dragon wins 11.5% 1 peasant, 1 dragon vs. 5
> lions: dragon wins 10.2%

Sorry, but what you are seeing here is most likely statistical variation.
You need to run a _lot_ of battles to be able to reliably discern differences
of not much more than one percent. I reran them and got the opposite

> The cause here is that the peasant in this case became the stack leader.
> He attacks, but cannot be attacked, so the stack's attack factor is
> effectively halved.

That makes no sense.

Carl Edman

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