Oly I Combat

Tue, 20 Sep 1994 23:27:11 -0400 (EDT)

> sjc@mcs.kent.edu (Steve Chapin)

> I held my tongue earlier, but I see that we're quickly heading down
> the slippery slope that leads to Oly I combat. We had warmounts
> adding bonuses in battle, we had N-to-1 limits, we had intelligent
> fleeing, we had attacking for booty, capture, or kill, and on and on,
> all at player request.

> The result was a combat system that I poured tremendous energy into.
> It was balanced, so that there was no "one true way" to fight combat,
> just like the players reqeusted. (Oleg's horde of beggars and a few
> highly trained nobles would battle to a standstill, whereas in Oly II
> you're a fool if you don't have tons of cannon fodder). It had a
> simple interface, but oodles of hidden complexity, just like the
> players requested.

> The players hated it.

Whoa! Back up the cart here!!!

I played in Oly I, and I had absolutely NO problems with any of it. All
of the things you mention above I want. The current system, is too
simple, and in its own simplicity, kinda not fun. The best I can say
for it is it's functional.

But like any game, as long as I understand the system, and how to get
it to work for me, I use it the bast way I can, realistic or not.

But now I have one piece of ammuntion to use with Rich that I never
had before, I am a paying customer. And as a paying customer, I would
like to see options, expecially combat options. If anyone has any
doubt what options people want, if and when Rich opens up multiple
games, you will see what people want by where they go with their money.
(They'll go to the games they perceive more fun).

Which brings up a question of curiosity? How many of the players
read this design list? Or what percentage? I suspect that we are
not representative of the community. Or then again, I could be eating
my tennis shoes by this time tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing. When are we going to see a VOTE command. Rich
can ask a question in the Times, and we can all send in our VOTE on
the issue.

Rick Socia (soon to be nuetered) :-)

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