Leadership Skills

Tue, 20 Sep 1994 23:27:22 -0400 (EDT)

> Bron Campbell Nelson writes:
> I also like the suggestion that nobles only control some limited
> number of men/creatures.

I proposed this in Oly I. That a Military Leadership skill be
implemented, and that the number of men a leader can lead be based
on the skill, up to a limit of course, for playability reasons.

Just like a Use Beasts in Battle needs to be known, so should some
kind of "lead me in battle." I do not know exactly what form and
limits to propose for this, and for now, I leave that to others to
debate, but I really would like to see something like this implemented.
And as you got better at the skill, the more men you could lead.

Also Use Beasts in Battle needs to be done the same way. The better
you get at it, the more you should be able to use or lead.

As an aside, Capture Beasts too should have a limit of some kind.

Rick Socia (soon to be spayed instead) :-)

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