Nattering Newbies of Negativism

Carl Edman (cedman@cedman.remote.Princeton.EDU)
Tue, 20 Sep 94 22:24:26 -0400

We've heard a lot on this list about how hard life is for newbies. There
have been unending cries for more hacks and kludges to make Olympia save
for every newborn hick who insists on walking into the dragon caves through
the battle fields. And we don't like it.

Invisibility ? Invulnerability ? Weightless backpack castles ?
Flight ? Teleportation ? Let one propose to make these available to a
wizard after three years of study and investment of a dozen noble points
and one will be torn to shreds by those decrying unfairness and imbalance,
but for the new nobodies nothing is good enough. Internal consistency,
in-game explanation, conceptual integrity and logic be damned !

But let me enlighten you. Olympia is not a cooperative non-hierarchical
equal-opportunity progressive non-competetive game of world contemplation
situated in a swedish commune and intended to bring us into harmony with
our inner selves and natural forces of the earth mother. It is not
supposed to be. An Olympian turn should inspire a sense of uncertainity,
danger, fear, loathing and hate. In short, Olympia should be a field where
all the nobler virtues can be exercised.

Now if one thinks that newbies should be born into areas of relative
civilization where they are unlikely to be attacked immediately for
realistic reasons, one can be forgiven. But if a newbie desires the
rewards which the great wilderness offers, he should be expected to show
some spirit and not the soul of an accountant.

Abolish safe havens and replace them with reasonably strong default
garrisons. And say no to any more supernatural welfare handouts for
newbies !

Carl Edman (with just a little bit of character help from BtA)

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