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20 Sep 1994 16:22:57 U

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Or newbies are able to find a fog-filled valley and elude their pursuers who
are trying to force them to battle. For five turns there is always a fog
bank, and for the next five turns there is a 20% reduction for finding an
escape route.

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The newbie shield need not protect them from being able to attack
monsters. ANd you might set the "can't be attacked" status to toggle off
at turns = N, or total stack under newbie combat value greaterthan X.
Otherwise, people will recruit a new player to haul a monster stack into
the heartland of someone's empire....

What I've seen work well is that you can attack them--but they are not
effectively reachable. In Oly, that would have to be something like...
all newbies who are _attacked_ (not if they attack) have the defensive
benefit of having a castle.

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