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Yeah, but if you double the speed, the noble just has to increase the size of
the peasant mob by a factor of two or three and you're back at the starting

Why don't you regard defense factor as Armor Class, and state that if there
is a difference of 100 or more between the attack value and the defense
value, then the attack automatically fails. If you went with this, then USE
9570 should have a small charge, like a gold per week, to pay for the armor.

OR: Morale. If the attack value is 100 less than the defense value, then
99% of the time, the attacker will run away since he/she realizes that the
attack is hopeless. The 1% of the attackers with a death wish still have to
(effectively) try for a critical hit.

AND: This morale problem could be counteracted by drilling your peasants (or
pikemen or soldiers) to operate in phalanxes.

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[this would mostly apply to a furture variant of Olympia, so please
don't base reactions on the g1 status quo]

I was thinking about how oly combat favors cannon fodder, and how
it's difficult to make a really tough monster, since even super-high
attack/defense values are overwhelmed by mobs of peasants.

I was thinking of adding a fourth value to the combat vector: a weight
which would provide the basis for choosing attackers instead of head
count. Thus, it can be thought of as "speed".

So an (80,80,0,10) noble vs a (80,80,0,20) noble would get half as many
attacks in, since the opponent is twice as fast.

Rich Skrenta <>

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