Re: Something I Don't Like

Walt Pesch (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 19:26:51 -0600

At 2:10 AM 9/12/94 -0400, wrote:
>Of course, a minimum "get away" percentage would be good, say 10% no matter

Hmm... This defeats the purpose of a large operation against an
individual. If a stack of 2000 is looking for some[one,thing] in a
province, they should have a much better chance than a stack of 50.

Likewise, the size of the object being looked for should affect the chances
of avoiding capture.

I guess that it could be argued that this is supposedly a heroic game
rather than a board game with ZOC, so I will agree that there should be
some chance, though tending toward zero. But if I spend months
manipulating a trap, and sanre my prey, I should get it (one way or

Walt Pesch

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