Re: Something I Don't Like
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 19:37:16 +0100

This discussion reminds me of one I had with Rich a while back about the
hard time prisoners have even if they manage to escape. So far I have had 4
nobles get captured. Two of these escaped but one was immediately
recaptured. I have also seen a stack that was holding a prisoner
immediately attack him due to a HOSTILE attitude the moment he escaped.

I think the above problem and the one about how the loser of a battle can
get away could be solved the same way. Give the one who escapes a special
status of hiding. This status remains until the end of the following month
or until the noble enters a location (other than moving to a new province),
attacks someone, or interacts in any way with another noble. While the
hidden status is in effect he cannot be seen by any other player.

I am very much against moving the loser/escapees in random directions. This
can often put them in just as much danger as before. It may in fact
immediately put them at the mercy of their attacker again.

A second concern I had was the loser of a battle or an escaped prisoner
immediately starts executing the remainder of his orders in spite of them
often being totally ludicrous and often downright dangerous. I wanted to
see some option flag we could set for a noble that would cause the
abandonment of his orders if he escaped and/or lost a battle.


Ross Inglis ! Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, ! I do not speak for my employer.

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