Re: Roads again

Thu, 8 Sep 94 10:44 EDT

(First, let me apologize for accidently sending my first message out again
and wasting bandwidth. I'll try and be more careful in the future.)

>The idea sounds solid... though I think the cost/level is a shade high
>(and I'm one of the folks yelling that roads are supposed to be a lot of
>work!). Particularly with a level going away each year.

>There are only 8*30 work days in a Oly year. If a road needs 20,000
>labor for annual maintenance, that is 83.3 laborers working on it nonstop
>to keep it up--167 gold in upkeep costs per month, plus stone. I'd
>hazard that maintenance (versus rebuilding it!) would be cheaper, maybe
>only 1/3 as much. But the idea of having to pay through the nose to
>build a smooth, easy route through the mountains, that is appealing.

OK, that makes sense. How about making each level of road cost the equivalent
of a castle (ie., half what I proposed)? I'd still reccommend it decline
one level each year. But how about having each level of road increase the
civ level of a province by 1? That would help a lot in encouraging people
to make the effort to build and maintain them.


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