Re: Live Stock

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 11:02:32 -0400 (EDT)

> Wouldn't this have as much or more impact on the game as lowering
> Perform Common to be in line with other sources of income? There seem
> to be a *lot* of animals out there, and it's obvious that many people
> have made plans based around animal armies that cost no maintenance.

There was a bit of discussion just before g1 launched about whether
the fact that animals require no maintenance was a "hole" or not.
We looked at various ways to charge animal maintenance, but didn't
like any of them. Eventually we decided that there should be some
disincentive to large animal armies, such as combinations of animals
which fight and kill each other if they are kept together. This
hasn't been implemented yet, though.

Rich Skrenta <>

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