Re: Faction Identification

Scott Turner (
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 09:20:41 -0700

>I don't think that Olympia makes it difficult to cooperate with other
>players: I'm cooperating with a group, and have yet to accidentally
>attack an ally.

Uh, Greg. Have you attacked any player unit? I haven't had a problem
with attacking allies yet, either. But looking down the road a bit, I
can forsee a time when I'll be trying to protect a staked-out area of
turf. Then this is going to be a problem.

Also, you may not be cooperating with that many players. I am, and I
have units in the vicinity of the IC, where there's a bewildering
amount of activity. It's a problem, and I think there should be some
game-level support for revealing your faction to your allies.

>Yes, it's an inconsistancy, but there are many more annoying ones in
>the game.

Such as what? And how do you suggest fixing them.

-- Scott T.

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