Re: Floating Markets Revisited

Scott Turner (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 11:11:25 -0700

In message <C79338553D9F200708@JHUBARD.BITNET>you write:
>To continue this deiscussion, you should adjust your simulation from its
>current effects (10% chance per turn of 1 gold adjustment) to a level where
>it would be worth including in the game.

You're confusing two different things. My simulation adjusts the
prices 5% per turn. The "1 gold every 10 turns" was another
suggestion, and I agree with David that such a small effect is
probably not worth the effort to program. (Although I think that it
would add some atmosphere to the game, even if it wouldn't have any
economic effect.)

>Once you've done that, then we can discuss the possibility that
>manipulation will unbalance things.

Okay, done that :-). And I would like to discuss the possibility that
manipulation in the market system I've proposed could unbalance
things, so I encourage you to look at and play with the simulation and
then share your thoughts as to how it might be abused.

I recognize that it might be harder to build a decent floating market
than the existing market. But I don't think that means it isn't
worthwhile, or doomed to failure.

-- Scott T.

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