Re: Roads vs Ships vs Flying

Dan Corrin (
Fri, 26 Aug 94 09:36:53 EDT

> From Thu Aug 25 23:35:09 1994
> If we stick with John's suggestion of 3 days per province max,
> or 10 provinces per turn, then I would suggest upping sailing
> to 4 days per, seeing as ancient vessels, on a good day, could
> do 5 knots, and riding a horse at 5 mph is easily done in moderate
> terrain.
I think that the *big* advantage of ships is that they usually travel
close to 24hrs a day. In most cases a rider is 8 hours or less, and
presumably flying even less than that.

I think in game balance terms, i.e. it is costly in either time or money
to get sufficient horses to equip a force, the halving of the movement
rate is appropriate. Ships used to go slower, and it was not worth the
bother of getting on a boat in many cases. It was often faster to walk
across the narrower part of the continent, than to sail around.

BTW 5 knots is about 6 mph.


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