Re: Statistics

Dan Corrin (
Thu, 25 Aug 94 10:14:55 EDT

> From Thu Aug 25 00:09:14 1994
> > Might be fun to occasionally publish a "top ten" list of factions - assuming
> > nobody objects to the idea.
> Someone suggested making an overall rank for the rank section,
> by combining the separate factors in some way.
> The GM report I get has top 10 lists for the various categories,
> but I think publishing them would be way too harsh on those in the
> lists.

I was (one of?) the one who suggested that. An overall rank so that
you would know where you stood overall. Right know I know I am 3rd in
exploration, but 120th in gold, so I have sacrificed one for another.
Perhaps every faction is like that and I am in the top 40, maybe there
is someone out there who is say 10th in everything, and thus first
place overall.

I suggested coming up with a numerical value (weighted towards having
lower numbers. i.e. difference between 2nd and 3rd is more important than
119th, and 120th), and then getting a rank on how good you were doing


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