David desJardins (
Wed, 24 Aug 94 14:13:23 EDT

I don't think that arguing that the income from inns vs. magic vs.
religion vs. killing orcs must all be roughly equal, so that anyone can
"roleplay" whichever of those they want and still do "well", holds much
water. What if what I want to do is become a linen trader? Well, as we
have seen, that doesn't pay particularly well. What if what I want to
do is sail around the world exploring, in search of the Holy Grail?
That pays nothing at all, in fact it costs money. We should not feel
compelled to take all of the choices out of the game (or make every
choice work equally well, which amounts to the same thing) just because
some are "better" than others. If no choice were better than any other,
a large number of your players would probably not want to play.

David desJardins

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