Re: Common Magic

Carl Edman (
Wed, 24 Aug 94 08:48:34 PDT

The Good Doctor writes:
> My suggestion has been to limit the skill only to provinces with a
> high civ level, for example, at least civ 1 (or maybe even civ 2).
> That would probably mean that you could eliminate the arbitrary "each
> noble can only perform this once per month" limit. I also think that
> having this skill take 1 month would be a reasonable limit (with no
> money gained if it is interrupted before done).

A very important point and admirably expressed too. The solution is
maybe a little too draconian, but (a) disallowing Common Magic in the
wilderness and (b) optionally allowing a single noble to perform it
several times a month (but of course still only once per province)
would much improve the game.

Carl Edman

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