Re: Seeing inside Sublocations

chi kim (ckim@skidmore.EDU)
Tue, 23 Aug 94 22:33:44 EDT

I like the fuzzy idea. I think we could expand on it a bit more
though. First of all, only certain structures would be able to hide
their contents well (inns and temples definitely shouldn't, towers and
castles definitely should). Second, cavalry should be differentiated
from infantry (all those guys on horseback are going to stand out), so
it would be something like:

Feasel with many cavalry and a few infantry

Soldiers would stand out from workers and sailors as well. Also, you
could have a command "OBSERVE," which will observe the structure more
closely and give you a more accurate estimation. You could also have a
stealth subskill that will hide the troops better. This will change
tactics to be more realistic because you won't know the exact forces
that you're up against.


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