Should the _Times_ be anonymous?

David desJardins (
Tue, 23 Aug 94 15:02:02 EDT

> From: (Steve Chapin)
> Why is optional authentication useless? Because I can just spoof the
> authentication. Players will want to submit formatted press (fancy
> banners, centered text, etc.) so we have to preserve formatting. If
> we preserve formatting, I can just post an anonymous note with a
> spoofed authentication.

If Rich does decide to do "signed" postings, of course he has to make
them not spoofable. Fortunately, that's very easy. (Well, moderately
easy. You have to plug one obvious hole and then one subtler one.)

If you really can't think of how to do it, we're going to make you give
that PhD back.

David desJardins

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