Re: Games and Persona

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 15:39:52 -700 (PDT)

David, perhaps you can explain this for me? I can see that some
locations (hills, groves, etc.) ought to be "transparent" to an
observer. But I simply don't see why I should know that your castle
garrison is 10 men, or 1000. Not unless I find a way to spy on the
location to _see_ what is there. The normal noble can't see over a wall,
or inside a tower, and can't tell what is there....

Either that, or there ought to be a hell of a market for Kryptonite <G>.

On Mon, 22 Aug 1994, David desJardins wrote:

> I like views of sublocations the way it is now.
> David desJardins

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