Re: Artifact burnout

Jay Gischer (
Mon, 22 Aug 94 10:33:32 -0700

Tim Whalen writes:
> I realized last night that I had my artifacts confused. The palentir can
> have finite uses but an auriculum should only be destroyable by the currently
> available methods.
> I was going to propose that inner locations have some way of keeping track of
> how long they've lain empty and their province unvisited. After a year or so
> monsters could move in. I'm not really sure of how this is handled currently.
> The disadvantage to this is that it opens things up to "farming" inner locations
> by players who know the criteria and bother to keep track. I guess this book-
> keeping could be supplemental to monthly random refilling of X inner locations.

You know, I always thought that at some point Olympia would get "old"
and have to be retired, in favor of a new incarnation. Though as long
as people are willing to pay to play it... In this context,
burning out artifacts seems rather pointless. I suppose lairs, etc,
might be regenerated slowly, but that doesn't seem to matter much


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