Olympia: Various Issues.

Dan Corrin (dan@ims.uwindsor.ca)
Mon, 22 Aug 94 11:25:03 EDT

1) GIVE/GET etc.

I can see that an assumed move could cause problems but in many
cases it would be a help. Perhaps one of the "flag" conditions could
be used eg. give e0x 1 100 1 where the last one indicates that it is
okay to do assumed moves, which is fine for most characters.

2) Conditional orders.

In a game that I am working on, I solve the conditional by allowing
as many tests as one wants, but only one alternate set of actions.
So an olympian version:

UNIT e0x
move north
if unit s4b
move in
if unit s4b
wait unit s4b
if true

give s4b 1 1000
move south

In this case the if command when true, moves execution over to the
alternate orders for a unit, which themselves cannot have condditionals.
One alternate doesn't encourage programming, but allows for an action
to be taken when something happens. This could be used for attacking
until one is under a certain number of men, waiting on a location
or a character, but still being able to study etc.

3) New item: Wait command addition

On board ship, wait conditions should be present so one can do a
"wait sea" (or wait not sea) to facilitate fishing, unboarding, etc.
This would help shipboard life as the location may not be known, and
I', not even certain that a "wait loc" will work on ship.


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